Amazing Discoveries is proud to host its first MTG SERIES in 2019. With the Champs culminating SERIES 1, prizing includes a minimum, full case of Ravnica Allegiance and a custom MTG SERIES 1 hoodie, which 16 qualified players will battle for. Over the course of 3 months, players accumulate SERIES 1 points based on their finish in each qualifier. Winners of the qualifiers receive an invite to the SERIES 1 Champs. Additionally, the top 4 points leaders receive invites to the Champs, held on March 16th at Amazing Discoveries Gilbert. Qualifiers will be held between January 12th through March 3rd.

Qualifiers will be either Sealed or Standard format. Standard format events will have a $15 entry fee, while Sealed format events will be $30. Each qualifier will have at least a Ravnica Allegiance box (36 ADCoin equivalent) go towards prizing. Additional prizing is available based on attendance. 20% of entries at qualifier events go towards the Champs at the end of the season. Players earn SERIES 1 points equal to their total match points per event. Decklists will be required and published after each qualifier (see below for links to specific events’ decklists). Winner profiles can also be found with the corresponding event listing below. Each qualifier event registration starts at 10am and play starts at 11am.

The Champs will consist of 16 players. 12 winners, one from each of the qualifying events and then the top 4, uninvited, points leaders. It will take place at Amazing Discoveries Gilbert and will be 4 rounds of Standard format Swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8 playoff, which is Draft. Prizes include a guaranteed case of Ravnica Allegiance (204 ADCoin equivalent) and the winner receives a custom AD MTG SERIES 1 Champ hoodie. The Champs will have Live Coverage via Amazing Discoveries Twitch.

With a minimum of 18 boxes of Ravnica Allegiance up for grabs, the Amazing Discoveries MTG SERIES 1 is set to have one of the highest payouts in Arizona this spring.


1/12 ADT – Standard

1/13 ADG – Standard

1/26 ADG – Sealed

1/27 ADT – Sealed

2/9 ADCG – Sealed

2/10 ADG – Standard

2/16 ADT – Standard

2/17 ADG – Standard

2/23 ADCG – Standard

2/24 ADT – Standard

3/2 ADG – Standard

3/3 ADT – Standard

3/16 ADG – CHAMPS – Standard / Top 8 Draft

Frequently Asked Questions – 

Q. When will decklists and player profiles be updated after an event?
A. Decklists and Profiles will be updated by the Tuesday following the event. 

Q. Do I need to pre-register for qualifiers?
A. No

Q. What competitive rules level enforcement will each qualifier/Champs be?
A. Qualifiers will be casual REL and the Champs will have a level 2 judge. Decklists are required at all events and deck checks will be performed. 

Q. How will rounds and prizes for qualifiers be determined?
A. Rounds will be based on attendance with a cut to top 8 playoff. Prizes will be distributed based on attendance. Attendance needs to be minimum 8 players for the qualifier to run.


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